Second Charge lending

Term 1:
£26,000 to £15,000,000
Term 2:
Maximum term 24 months
Term 3:
LTV up to 70% GDV

Albatross Capital offers a non-regulated second charge loan for business purposes. Second charge loans can assist clients in raising additional capital required for a wide range of purposes. We typically lend to companies supported by a second charge on a residential property owned by one of the Directors. Firstly, the key is to obtain the consent from the first charge holder. Once this has been obtained the loan generally proceeds to a quick completion.

Second charges are often important to provide extra security for funding transactions. Second charge loans are typically a short term solution for us to assist a customer with a business transaction. We generally require an up to date first charge mortgage statement, consent to the second charge, proof of adequate building insurance and an agents or professional valuation.

Product Terms

  • £26,000 to £15,000,000

  • Maximum term 24 months

  • LTV up to 70% GDV

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