Development Funding

Term 1:
£26,000 to £15,000,000

Albatross Capital offers non-regulated loans for both residential and commercial property developments. We assist new and existing clients with help in funding their development projects. Whether you are a professional developer, renovator or building your first house we will look at every deal on its own merits.

We are able to support our clients in site purchase, initial funding to start building works and ongoing release of funds throughout the project. In more complex cases, we may use an independent quantity surveyor and valuer to work with Albatross Capital.

On new builds it is important to have full certification so the property is appropriate for a residential mortgage for a potential buyer. Architect certification, LABC or other accredited certifications are generally accepted with most of our development loans. The end loan should generally not exceed 70% of the gross development value.

Product Terms

  • £26,000 to £15,000,000

  • Maximum term 24 months

  • LTV up to 70% GDV

  • Interest roll up until sale if required

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