Bridging Finance

Term 1:
£26,000 to £15,000,000
Term 2:
Maximum term 18 months
Term 3:
LTV up to 70% GDV

Albatross Capital specialises in providing short term bridging loans and finance for all types of property purchase. We offer personal, flexible and efficient short term finance solutions. We understand that each proposal is unique and must be assessed on its own merits with the focus on the borrower’s individual requirements. Albatross Capital is proud to offer a swift approval process enabling us to complete and release funds in short timescales when required.

Our non regulated bridging loans are available, generally at short notice to purchase a property pending the sale of other assets. Once we are provided with a report on title, the borrower’s solicitors can often work together with Albatross Capital to gain a speedy conclusion.

Debit interest can be rolled up to the loan monthly or serviced depending on the client’s needs. In some cases where there is adequate security, we do not insist on a full professional valuation.

Product Terms

  • £26,000 to £15,000,000

  • Maximum term 18 months

  • LTV up to 75% GDV

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