Our Investors
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Albatross Capital offers an attractive fixed annual return to our investors through highly secured, short term lending.

At Albatross Capital, we offer a one of a kind bespoke lending facility for businesses and individuals who require fast access to finances for a variety of reasons. Our specialist short term lenders can be more flexible than traditional lending organisations as we go one step further in getting to know our clients. We do not judge our clients based on a simple computer generated credit score, but look deeply into a borrower’s circumstances and utilise our diverse experience to assist our clients throughout the entire lending process. In this way, we offer a much more personalised approach, managing your money from the time we lend it out until deal completion.


Our credit team has devised a minimum loan collateral threshold that all potential borrowers must be able to provide to even be considered.


Our team have deep and wide-ranging banking and financial experience. We know how to manage your money and we know what our investors desire.


We're not a discretionary fund. We like keep in close contact with our investors and will never lend out their money without presenting deal.


Albatross Capital offers industry leading rates of returns to its private investors representing a unique opportunity that provides asymmetric returns relative to the security attached.